Regular grooming is a vital element to your pet's overall health and wellbeing, especially in the weather conditions of KZN.

Not all animals enjoy the grooming process and many owners find that it is easier to send their pet to a professional groomer on a regular basis instead. Here at Shampooch, we are highly experienced and do everything we can to ensure that the process is "stress-free" for your pet.

The motto of the Shampooch Team is − "Pet's before Profit!"
And it is this attitude, which places us a cut above the rest. This is why we have installed a hydraulic work station − we understand that the "oldies", might be feeling a bit arthritic and also for the larger dogs, it is far more comfortable to be "taken for a ride" than hauled up on the table!

Additionally, we have installed CCTV cameras in all our grooming areas − the main station is in the Reception area. This means that even if the grooming team are very busy, an eye can be kept on all the pets. Some new clients have watched the process but most of the time they are awestruck by how docile and well-behaved their pet is − despite being delivered to the parlour in a state of high excitement!

We are also very careful with our bookings, we NEVER over book. Our system is to have your pet, delivered, groomed and collected −not wait all day, in a long queue. Additionally, this allows our groomers to give the ultimate care needed for professional grooming.

We are highly experienced in the "Style and Fashion", of pet cuts. This is particularly pertinent to some of the breeds, such as Yorkies, Poms and Poodles, etc,.

Our "client" files ensure, that any information needed about your pet is available to the grooming team. We understand, that some pets have "their funny little ways", and we want to make sure we do nothing to upset them unnecessarily.

Maureen and her team are "Pet Lovers", and the care and attention that pets enjoy at Shampooch clearly displays this.

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Things you should know about us!

Shampooch owner Maureen Van Der Riet has been in this business for ten years, but has been a dog lover all her life.

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Care for the pets is foremost and Maureen understands that not all pet owners are able to collect as soon as the grooming is complete. Owners can be assured that their pets are given regular walk breaks in the secure garden at Shampooch.

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Maureen has vast experience with dogs, who experience skin difficulties − all the products used at Shampooch have been tried and tested extensively. All products are purchased with safety in mind.

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Shampooch have experience in ALL dogs, from the teacup variety to the biggest breeds − our team treats all "clients" on an individual basis. We also groom Cats.

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Shampooch are able to take advance bookings for regular grooming and can pick up and deliver your pet. Call for details.