Over the years, many clients have asked me, "do you feed your pets?" And, I have investigated throughly the many options available in the market. My favourite brand is Amigo − due to the fact it contains no artificial colourants and flavours, plus it is free of gluten, a main cause of allergies. I stock the Amigo products together with a range of dog treats, which have my stamp of approval.


Dog food

We guarantee full traceability of our products due to our short local supply chain, ensuring a safe and transparent journey all the way from our kitchen to your dog's bowl. Quality proteins only.

CONFIDENCE is a Hypo Allergenic formulation with Ostrich and Lam as the only source of animal Protein. Plus it is Maize free.

INTEGRITY has chicken as it's only Protein source.

Both Confidence & Integrity have pure Ostrich oil added to the food, which is an excellent source of Omega 3 & 6, which is excellent for skin and joints.

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