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This is Bailey the Chow, isn't he just beautiful! Yes, now he is −a far cry from the bedraggled, nervous poor creature I met two years ago. He was a rescue, if you look at the top picture you might imagine he was aggressive, but this would be far from the truth. He was a terrified, broken spirit, who was a week away from all his organs shutting down due to starvation. He didn't leap into my arms grateful that he was "saved". Like many abused rescue dogs − he was frightened and would flinch when anyone went near him.

Naturally, I took him to my vet, after we had attended to the obvious issues, inoculations and a general health check, we addressed the grooming! Bailey was filthy, and his coat was just a mass of knots. It didn't look as if he had ever been brushed, his "baby fur", was a tangled mess. My vet suggested as we were about to neuter him, it might be best if we shaved him while he was under anaesthetic −and he knew just the Parlour. Maureen from Shampooch happily agreed, it was thought best to shave Bailey −the coat was beyond redemption. I was to take him in for a bath a few days later when he had settled a bit.

I cannot express too much just how grateful and impressed I was with the service from Shampooch. The gentle care and attention was simply amazing −in the early days Bailey was so "broken", he wouldn't have put up any resistance to anything. Two years later, he is a bouncing, confident, happy dog, and his regular bath and nail clip at Shampooch is part of his routine.

Over time I have got to know Maureen well, and she is an avid "Rescue Dog", helper −I am sure she has lost count of how many dogs she has re-homed. Her "crazy about dogs", attitude is what makes this Parlour so special −the dogs come first. Care, the least possible discomfit and distress for the pet are foremost. This is why this Parlour are particularly excellent with nervous pets.

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"They were really good with my older doggie. He has some people issues. But, Shampooch staff were clear and careful with him and he came out looking fantastic. Thank you for a great job!". Paw print

"Perfect place to go for a spoil. We really needed help and the end result was more than we expected." Paw print

"From the booking of Lily's (our pekedoodle) cut & blow appointment to when we collect her, the experience is very professional and friendly. She always looks absolutely beautiful. Many thanks". Paw print

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